Labor and Workforce

Labor and Workforce

Labor and Workforce

Cherokee County is the westernmost County in North Carolina and borders Georgia to the south and Tennessee to the west. As a rural County, there are advantages for new and existing companies including:

  • No unionized facilities
  • Competitive wage rates lower than metropolitan areas for skilled labor
  • A stable workforce that is loyal and hard-working
  • A low cost of doing business compared to larger metro counties
  • Among the lowest property taxes on business and industry in the region
  • An outstanding quality of life with a location in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains
  • A very low cost of living -Cherokee County’s Cost of Living Index is 83.6
  • Access to strong technical and workforce training programs that are customized to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Local leadership that partners with industry fostering growth and long-term success
  • Strong K-12 education and access to quality technical colleges and Western Carolina University

Labor Force

The labor force for the area encompasses 7 counties in three states with a total labor pool of more than 37,000 workers. The County and Tri-County Community College have developed exceptional machine tool and die, electronics, engineering, and manufacturing training programs to meet and exceed the needs of new and existing industry.

While rural, the County’s good transportation network and location within 2 hours of major population centers Atlanta, GA; Asheville, NC; Knoxville, TN; and Chattanooga, TN make it an excellent location for business and industry. The County is within less than a half-day’s drive to all of the Southeastern U.S. automotive assembly plants and the Port of Charleston and Port of Savannah.


The 7-county region which encompasses the labor pool for Cherokee County can benefit your company.   With an approximate unemployment rate of 6% and with a large number of out-commuting residents, there is an ample labor supply to meet your company’s needs. For companies seeking a stable and qualified supply of quality labor, Cherokee County is an ideal location.

For additional labor and workforce information view and download the following PDF documents:

Cherokee County North Carolina Economic Development Corporation